A Great Old Friend in DC
It turns out what they say is true. Time does fly when you’re having fun. We were surprised to realize that Montmartre restaurant near DC’s Eastern Market has been serving great French bistro food on the Hill for more than a dozen years. And not just because we can’t possibly be old enough for that […]
Palma – a great restaurant in a great city!
New York is a fantastic city. Some people say they find it a bit overwhelming but that will never be the case for us – especially Hillary. New York is really a set of approachable neighborhoods, each with its own character and potential adventures. Despite the challenges we already face maintaining multiple residences, each time […]
Bienvenue Bearnaise
Second Time’s a Charm. DC is a town built on promises that are rarely delivered, and there are plenty of restaurants around the Capitol that follow that lead. They oversell and under perform. White tablecloths, long winded menu descriptions, overpriced whiskey, and badly cooked steaks; most are over reaching and fall flat.  There are some […]
The bar at Del Campo is a great addition to the DC field
Hillary is a fig fanatic. If the menu description includes the word fig she’ll order it no matter what else is attached. Mascarpone – easy! Smoked duck – yummy! Ravioli – sure! Beef heart –game on! So when Del Campo proposed a cocktail with a burnt fig it was a no brainer. She had to […]
Rose’s Luxury
A lot of restaurants have opened on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC over the past few years and for the most part they have been uninspired – decent but nothing to blog about. Rose’s Luxury is a notable exception. Inspiration abounds. The menu. The menu is small but the commitment to quality is huge. Rose’s […]
Edible Buzz – Gelatin for Grownups