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Keys to Travel Happiness (a series)

Number Four: Don’t be afraid to be a little foolish

 At home, many of us lead professional, buttoned down lives – organized, disciplined, and frantically goal oriented. Travel is recreation, as in recreate, create again. So relax, channel the inner child and have fun. Don’t worry so much about what people will think of you. Yes, be respectful. Yes, be kind. Yes, be safe. But, no don’t stifle your inner sense of adventure. Let yourself be silly, be imperfect. Laugh at yourself a little. Remember when you were a kid and did stuff just because it was fun? You’ll be amazed how good it feels. It may just lead to one of the best memories of your trip.

 One of our favorite leaps into the unknown happened on our trip to the Canadian provinces, Nova Scotia, Labrador, and Newfoundland. We are now thrilled to be honorary Newfoundlanders (Newfies) thanks to the lovely staff at Jackie’s Restaurant and Takeout who screeched us in.

 Screech is a kind of old time rum, originating in the rum trade during Prohibition, still made today and unique to Newfoundland. Along with a daring couple from Germany we drank Screech (Wow that burns a little going down!), recited the solemn oath (What about your jib now?), danced the jig (Screech definitely improves rhythm) and kissed the cod (Yes, literally – on the lips.). We’re proud to say that no one was injured during the ceremony.

 Screeching in is based on the history and traditions of the area, and sure it can be a silly tourist ritual mostly promoted by the makers of Screech, but by diving in, we found ourselves embraced by the locals who laughed with us, not at us, thus beginning a great night of fun. We learned more about Newfoundland than most Canadians. And of course, we have a unique story to tell.

 We are proud members of the Royal Order of Newfoundland Screechers – an honor nobody can every take away from us. Long may your big jib draw!

Written by MajorMischief