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Palma – a great restaurant in a great city!

New York is a fantastic city. Some people say they find it a bit overwhelming but that will never be the case for us – especially Hillary. New York is really a set of approachable neighborhoods, each with its own character and potential adventures. Despite the challenges we already face maintaining multiple residences, each time we visit New York the possibility of living there comes up in conversation. If only…

If only we could manage it, we would probably live in Greenwich Village. Despite Brooklyn’s hip makeover, the turn-around in Harlem, and the shiny new condos in Midtown, Greenwich Village is still our favorite neighborhood. Visiting shops and restaurants in The Village is like visiting good friends – good friends that charge you for goods and services. There is warmth, charm and a genuine desire to make you feel welcome. The Village has managed to largely retain the sense of being a ‘small town in the big city,’ so you have a good chance of a walking into a unpretentious place that treats people like friends they haven’t seen in a few days. Every good restaurant has someone’s heart at its core.

Palma Restaurant is an excellent example. It’s one of the best Italian restaurants in New York City but it’s first and foremost a neighborhood place. Small, intimate, with handmade pastas, it emphasizes old school recipes and preparations. The zuppa de pesce is amazing and comes baked in a flatbread covered bowl, and the gnocci is a deceptively light, buttery delectation. There is a good wine list of course and great Amaros, and all is offered to you with open, friendly service, and the heart of Palma herself coursing through every dish and detail.


Written by MajorMischief