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Who We Are


We have boring nine to five jobs: the kind of jobs with suits, contracts, security clearances, outrageous deadlines and responsibilities. We’re stressed. We’re consultants. So at work we’re expected to wear a lot of hats – marketing wiz, problem solver, techno-geek, financial magician, therapist… We like hats, but we are not our jobs.

Mark is a talented musician and a knowledgeable wine enthusiast. Hillary is a decent cook and avid shoe collector. Mark is very laid-back and people easily connect with him. Hillary can navigate through any locale and finds humor in unexpected places. We’re a great team. Of course we’re in love. We’re child free and pet free. We live part-time in three very different cities – Montreal, Napa and Washington, DC.

New experiences recharge and de-stress us, so beyond the North American triangle we traverse on a regular basis, we love to visit other places whenever we can. Our personal time is all about searching out fantastic stuff and meeting new people, close to home or far away. We’re proof that you‘re never too grown-up up to get into major mischief.

We travel. We eat. We drink. We shop. We take in the local scene. We have fun!

We have an amazing and expanding group of friends who support our mischief-making and provide inspiration for new adventures.

You are also not your job so we hope you will enjoy our posts and that you too will be inspired to get into some mischief.

Mark & Hillary