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A Great Old Friend in DC

It turns out what they say is true. Time does fly when you’re having fun.

We were surprised to realize that Montmartre restaurant near DC’s Eastern Market has been serving great French bistro food on the Hill for more than a dozen years. And not just because we can’t possibly be old enough for that to be true.

We love Montmartre. There’s no other way to say it. That’s why the midafternoon call that starts with “where should we have dinner tonight?” often ends with “I’ll see if Montmartre has a table.”

It’s wonderful to watch the snow fall outside the glass front wall, to indulge in people watching from the front patio, or to sit at one of the hightops to enjoy the chef at work in the open kitchen.

The service is warm and unhurried. It reminds us more of a Montreal restaurant than one in DC. Not that DC doesn’t have its share of warm service but DC is definitely a town where eat and run is more the norm and turning tables is encouraged. Montmartre’s European style encourages diners to relax and enjoy. Many of the staff have worked there for years and it’s evident in the comfortable ambience and measured pace that diners enjoy throughout the evening.

The menu has evolved over the years to reflect changing tastes but the dishes are firmly based in classic French cuisine. The menu is fresh and modern but never trendy. Thankfully the classics, some of Mark’s favorites, the snails “Mere Anne” and the braised rabbit, stay on the menu and seem to remain ever fresh.

Montmartre is like a great old friend – one that never lets us down and always makes us feel happy we visited. After 12 years Montmartre is still one of the best places to dine on Capitol Hill. Next time you stop in we’ll probably see you there!


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Written by MajorMischief