A Great Old Friend in DC
It turns out what they say is true. Time does fly when you’re having fun. We were surprised to realize that Montmartre restaurant near DC’s Eastern Market has been serving great French bistro food on the Hill for more than a dozen years. And not just because we can’t possibly be old enough for that […]
Bienvenue Bearnaise
Second Time’s a Charm. DC is a town built on promises that are rarely delivered, and there are plenty of restaurants around the Capitol that follow that lead. They oversell and under perform. White tablecloths, long winded menu descriptions, overpriced whiskey, and badly cooked steaks; most are over reaching and fall flat.  There are some […]
R is for Roller Derby
Montréal and Washington, DC don’t have much in common. Sure, local Montréal political scandals are starting to rival DC (Neither can hold a candle to Toronto of course) and DC is stepping up its food scene. And while Montréal sent its baseball team to DC, the cities share a surprising passion for an unexpected sport […]
Keys to Travel Happiness (a series)
Number One: Have a Local. Find a restaurant, pub, coffee shop, café, tea house, bar or shop that you return to often during your stay. On our first trip to Montreal we spent a piece of each day in a restaurant called Modavie in the Old Port. At lunch it attracted local business people but […]