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The bar at Del Campo is a great addition to the DC field

Hillary is a fig fanatic. If the menu description includes the word fig she’ll order it no matter what else is attached. Mascarpone – easy! Smoked duck – yummy! Ravioli – sure! Beef heart –game on! So when Del Campo proposed a cocktail with a burnt fig it was a no brainer. She had to try it.

It’s not nearly as fun to drink alone as it is to drink with friends so she emailed some of her most game girlfriends and dragged them out to “get figs.”

By six that evening the Del Campo bar was packed with people escaping from the office. Not a super hip crowd but definitely a lively, happy one. We joined right in and were soon comparing a variety of beverage selections and having a wonderful time.

It seems every bar these days has hired a mixologist to create signature cocktails and most of the time the results range from mediocre to undrinkable. A cutesy name and a few trendy ingredients are more important than actual flavor.

Del Campo however does their signature cocktails right –Latin American-style classics including caipirinhas, pisco sours, margaritas and mojitos underscored with distinctive touchs. Their caipirinha del Campo includes Novo Fogo Cachaça, lime juice, smoked cane syrup and of course the burnt fig. It was delicious. Tart and refreshing but with a subtle richness from the caramelized fruit. The streak is unbroken… Hillary still hasn’t met a fig she doesn’t like.

777 Eye Street NW
Washington, DC

Written by MajorMischief