Art Meets Science
Beginning in 1924 with the construction of their historic headquarters building in Washington, DC, the National Academy of Sciences has been an advocate for the arts; particularly when art intersects science. The building has an impressive collection of murals, sculpture and other artwork and is open to the public from 9:00 to 5:00 weekdays. The […]
R is for Roller Derby
Montréal and Washington, DC don’t have much in common. Sure, local Montréal political scandals are starting to rival DC (Neither can hold a candle to Toronto of course) and DC is stepping up its food scene. And while Montréal sent its baseball team to DC, the cities share a surprising passion for an unexpected sport […]
The bar at Del Campo is a great addition to the DC field
Hillary is a fig fanatic. If the menu description includes the word fig she’ll order it no matter what else is attached. Mascarpone – easy! Smoked duck – yummy! Ravioli – sure! Beef heart –game on! So when Del Campo proposed a cocktail with a burnt fig it was a no brainer. She had to […]
Peggy Stern
Austin just hit the jackpot. Pianist Peggy Stern recently relocated to Austin and is playing venues around town on a regular basis including her own SalonPeggy. Peggy combines a range of musical styles from jazz to classical to country. Her performances make serious music accessible and fun. Perhaps it’s her background as a teacher and […]