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Peggy Stern

Austin just hit the jackpot. Pianist Peggy Stern recently relocated to Austin and is playing venues around town on a regular basis including her own SalonPeggy.

Peggy combines a range of musical styles from jazz to classical to country. Her performances make serious music accessible and fun. Perhaps it’s her background as a teacher and composer that allows her to easily connect with the audience and other musicians to ramp up the energy in any size room. Her performances are musical dialogues rather than lectures.

Recently Peggy made a visit to Washington, DC and Mark joined her, and saxophonist Leigh Pilser for a performance at the Corner Store arts venue. They were supported by some very talented voices from the Capital City Voices jazz choir.


Written by MajorMischief

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  • marxglee
    November 19, 2013 at 10:52 pm

    Great music from Peggy Stern. Looking forward to visiting Austin to see the Salon in person.