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Rose’s Luxury

Roses Luxury1A lot of restaurants have opened on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC over the past few years and for the most part they have been uninspired – decent but nothing to blog about. Rose’s Luxury is a notable exception. Inspiration abounds.

The menu. The menu is small but the commitment to quality is huge. Rose’s luxury offers both complex combinations of fresh ingredients and impeccable presentation of humble dishes. Our favorites were the cacio e pepe – a simple pasta dish that isn’t so simple to perfect; caramelized cauliflower – which will win over even the most tenacious vegetable hater; and the French toast and fois gras dessert – which was completely decadent, unexpected, and the perfect finish.

Roses Luxury3The layout. The space is small but the Rose’s Luxury team has really made the most of it, creating distinct spaces that deliver varied dining experiences. Tables upfront, where we sat, allow you to experience the crowd while the tables in the back seem quieter and the lighting pays homage to the fact that it used to be an outdoor space. A counter along the kitchen is more casual and encourages interaction. Upstairs they have created a hip lounge area that was packed full on our recent Wednesday evening visit.

The service. Wow! These are friendly people who appear to love their jobs and to enjoy great food as much as we do! Despite being busy with a full house they were attentive and engaging.

Roses Luxury2While for us they didn’t meet their stated goal of making us feel like we were having dinner with friends (granted that’s a tall order since our dinners are usually a bit more boisterous and inevitably result in broken glassware) they did create a dining experience we look forward to repeating often.

Rose’s Luxury is at 717 8th Street SE on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Check it out!


Written by MajorMischief