R is for Roller Derby
Montréal and Washington, DC don’t have much in common. Sure, local Montréal political scandals are starting to rival DC (Neither can hold a candle to Toronto of course) and DC is stepping up its food scene. And while Montréal sent its baseball team to DC, the cities share a surprising passion for an unexpected sport […]
The bar at Del Campo is a great addition to the DC field
Hillary is a fig fanatic. If the menu description includes the word fig she’ll order it no matter what else is attached. Mascarpone – easy! Smoked duck – yummy! Ravioli – sure! Beef heart –game on! So when Del Campo proposed a cocktail with a burnt fig it was a no brainer. She had to […]
Sciandri Cab and Majormischief – a perfect pairing
As we waited for Majormischief.com to launch, we celebrated with a great bottle of wine that embodies the joy and passion we live and hope to discover in the people and places we meet in our travels.  On this very special evening, we chose the 2007 Sciandri Cabernet, from the newly minted Coombsville AVA just […]
Live each day like it’s your last, ‘cause one day you gonna be right.
- Ray Charles
Keys to Travel Happiness (a series)
Number One: Have a Local. Find a restaurant, pub, coffee shop, café, tea house, bar or shop that you return to often during your stay. On our first trip to Montreal we spent a piece of each day in a restaurant called Modavie in the Old Port. At lunch it attracted local business people but […]
Peggy Stern
Austin just hit the jackpot. Pianist Peggy Stern recently relocated to Austin and is playing venues around town on a regular basis including her own SalonPeggy. Peggy combines a range of musical styles from jazz to classical to country. Her performances make serious music accessible and fun. Perhaps it’s her background as a teacher and […]
Near and Far
The Corner Store incorporated as a nonprofit arts center in 2002, where the work of actors, playwrights, musicians, filmmakers, artists, poets and chefs are regularly showcased.
Does spell check exist on the astral plane?
Rose’s Luxury
A lot of restaurants have opened on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC over the past few years and for the most part they have been uninspired – decent but nothing to blog about. Rose’s Luxury is a notable exception. Inspiration abounds. The menu. The menu is small but the commitment to quality is huge. Rose’s […]
Favorite 5 Websites/Apps for International Travel (not what you think!)
1. CIA World Factbook The Factbook contains an encyclopedia’s worth of information and statistics on 267 countries, regions and territories laid out for quick perusal. It includes not just history but also current events that are impacting the area, cultural information, and economics. The maps and flags are just cool. https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/ 2. Newseum’s Today’s Front […]
Edible Buzz – Gelatin for Grownups
More mischief coming! Check back very soon, because we can’t be good for long and our friends know it.